bear103-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

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78-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey
“Sleepless in Seattle”

14-7b-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey
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I received your book Hoosain sensei, and I really enjoyed it. There are many similarities between us... I call it being a Karate bum.. It read really well. It reminds me a bit of Mike Clark's book and CW Nicol's  "Moving Zen"  Thank you for sending it to me


Isaac Florentine - Film Producer/Karate-Ka (Calif, USA) 11 October 2009 18:01


When I was ill I was able to finalise reading your book. I realy liked your book very much!! Very good!


Harry Gorter - Ashihara Holland (Netherlands) 13 October 2009 10:11 PM


Well my friend, it was indeed a pleasure to get your awesome book. I enjoyed the DVD as well. You and your students are incredible in the proper execution of technique.


Dan Rosenberg - Florida, USA 25 October 2009 14:51


Osu Hoosain-san, I finished your book very good. I really enjoyed it. I would like to read something about your sabaki methods to compare with my training and also your rise to head your group (Ashihara International). I think that would be a good read.  Perhaps you already have those books out. Let me know. I look forward to seeing you again soon. OSU!

Kind Regards,

Marty Petrovich - Kyokushin Kan (Maine, USA)  01 November 2009 05:18


Osu Hoosain,
Your book was a joy and reflects the universal family attitude within karate. Always willing to help each other regardless of any other factor.
The DVDs were most interesting. I learned a lot about the Ashihara approach. It appears to be very close to karate's origins. Including throws which have often faded into history within other systems.

Graham Nichols - Shotokan International (England)  16 November 2009 11:14


16-7-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

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bear103-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

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Il libro è Ashihara, l'istruttore Hoosain Narkers, 6 mesi di viaggio attraverso le Americhe con il karategi, zaino ed il pc portatile.