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78-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey
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Dear Hoosain

Thank you very much I did receive the book and DVD. It is the first time that I saw my son so excited  about a book and he is very eager to finish reading the book. I know he will learn a lot from your experiences and it can only motivate him to do even better in karate and in life.

Delycia Dateling (Johannesburg, RSA) 07 July 2009 16:29



I just came across your website and story.

Wow! This is really fantastic! What an achievement… I’m sorry I missed the book launch; I would have loved to be there.

It immediately took me back to my days training with you as my Sempai above the BP garage on Allenby Drive, then at Physica and finally moving to 7th Ave, next to the Post Office.  That was a great time for me and I really enjoyed my training, the camps at Strandfontein and the antics you and Sensei Quantoi used to get up to.

It’s really brightened my day to see this achievement.

I may even see you soon.

Fond regards

Brehndan Botha - Ashihara Karate (Cape Town, RSA) 22 July 2009 12:49


I enjoyed the (your?) book, it reminded me of some of my teachers, including Kiyoshi in Salt Lake. I wondered that the black belt that you helped to get to Nidan was Johny Rochette?  I also truly love knives, and glad you finally got the leatherman you wanted. I also love books, and have may old cloth bound judo and jiu jitsu.  Sadly, I sold my shorinji-kempo (Doshen So) and the three large Mas Oyama books on ebay for funds, but kept my very old books. I am also very interested in the Shorinji-ryu Kenkokan style.

Lewis GalwayJushin Do  (Salt Lake City, Utah) 02 August 2009 05:50


Dear Sensei

Yes, I did receive your book, and it makes a great read! It is truly value adding to read & learn from a expert karateka such as yourself. Maybe if the opportunity presents itself, I will be able join a training session with you.

Jaco Strockenstrom - Okinawan Goju Ryu (Pretoria, RSA) 03 August 2009 09:06


Selam Hoosain, I received the book, thank you. Very well prepared.

Isa Alemdag Sayokan UK (London, England) 19 August 2009 22:27


Re: Saludos desde Costa Rica

"Kancho I wrote when I arrived. I feel great, thank you very much for this incredible gift OSU"

Fabian Merino - Ashihara Karate (San Jose, Costa Rica) 20 August 2009 22:13


I did finish reading it, quite some time ago really, I did enjoy it a lot, it was both informative and thought provoking, sometimes humourous sometimes rigorous, really well written, Osu! I also liked the technical dvd that You sent me with that, very serious training, a guarantee!
If You desire, You can publish my comment at any time, it definitely is to be considered a very positive feedback, A+, Osu!
Best regards and all the best to You and Your Dojo,

Fabio Zarino – Seido Karate (Florence, Italy) 20 August 2009 11:06


Dear Hoosain Narker san

First, last night I manage to complete to read your book. It was great. When you travelled North America,you met many people & stayed at their home. In particular, Most Japanese people including me doesn't have time plenty time. You met many Karateka, Kyokushin, Gojuryu and other style karateka through Karate.I think you had valuable time you spent in us. I want to travel to abroad if I had a time.

Second,I watched your student & you great movement on your DVD.  I want to learn ashihara style & practice do it.

Taiki Nomura - Ashihara Karate (Osaka, Japan)   07 September 2009 05:12


5.0 out of 5 stars - A Book For All Martial Artists, Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

In this book, you will get to know a man of great spirit, character, and knowledge of the martial arts. The book is primarily a journal that will make you feel good about the people who practice the martial arts. The book is not flashy. You won't learn how to do flying kicks. You will find wisdom in this book. On the Odyssey, you will make new friends. This book is for someone who knows that fighting skills are learned with competent instruction and a lot of practice. The book will remind you of the goodness, character, and spirit found in any true martial artist.
I find myself rereading parts of the book from time to time so I can immerse myself back into Mr. Narker's Odyssey.

Robert L. Sanders (Lowcountry, SC USA) September 12, 2009


Hi Sensei

Started with your book, very enjoyable, the start brought some tears to me. Also also answers many questions I had regarding karate in South Africa and the development thereof. I would like to make the book compulsary for all junior black belts  to read in our dojo.

It's sad, but also amazing to think that I have known you, mostly in passing and occasional light conversation for who knows how many years now, and had no idea what a huge following you have!!! Also sad to think that someone with so much influence and recognition and experience is so poorly received/under utilized in their own country. But then again I guess that is why many of our best leave South Africa...The down scaling mentality rather than the upscale improvement mentality.
I am very pleased to have opened myself to the opportunity of getting to know you more and thank you for selling yourself as well as you do!!!

Carlo Jacobs - Karate Zen (Seoul, Korea) 14 September 2009 11:48


I have read portions of your book which I am thoroughly enjoying

Careen Warrington - Benches Africa (Cape Town, South Africa) 28 September 2009 22:28


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