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My Karate Odyssey NOW AVAILABLE read more ...

Just received a book on My Karate Odyssey !! at my office. Thank you for including me into a space in your world.

Well, what a life path and adventure you have taken …. Knowing you it certainly is not the end either. Glad to have followed you along this path as a karate student. Shu otherwise it all is just so overwhelming.

Give my regards to Aysha and Rabiaྶ

Bertha Schwarz - Sandan Ashihara Karate (Johannesburg, South Africa) 02 April 2009 08:00 AM


Thanks a Million for the book and dvd's! gonna start to read it very soon and watch the dvd's 2night ! ur a great Martial Artist, pics r nice mainly the one with Master Kanazawa !!!! he was my hero when l use 2 practice Shotokan Karatè-Do.take good care and well done ! wish u more successes. Regards to ur family, big hug and kisses to ur cute Rabia !! ciao ciao ! Hsen,Former RSA #1 Thai-Boxing National Champ.

Hsen Jaroun - Kickboxer (Standerton, South Africa)  02 April 2009 11:06 AM


I finally received the book and DVD - I enjoy the book and It's lay out. Thank you very much Osu!

Isaac Florentine - Martial Artist, Film Producer (California, USA) 10 April 2009 01:31 AM


"just want to say thanks for the book. My son, Meekaeel, came home from school with your book. I found it an enjoyable read."

Ighsana Olday - Ashihara Mom (Zeekoevlei, South Africa) 18 April 2009 09:11 AM


"Cool website. Impressive journey you made just to train in SA never mind travelling across the Americas."

Will Woma - UK Martial Arts (England) 18 April 2009 01:39 PM


Hi Hoosain,

I received your wonderful book and I am enjoying it so very much. You are a great writer. I hate to put the book down. I wish I could talk you into writing articles for USADOJO.COM. I am learning so much about South Africa, about Apartheid and about dedication. You are my karate hero. Your dedication to the arts through great adversity needs to be honoured. Thank you for sharing your life, training and travels with me.

Thank you again for improving my life with your book!

Yours in the Arts,

Dana L. Stamos -USA Dojo Website (Nevada, USA) 22 April 2009 12:07


Dear Sensei:

I finally found time and read your entire book in one afternoon. It was a great odyssey book. It is amazing how you travelled so many thousands of miles in such a short period of time. It was a big accomplishment. Congratulations. I also learned something. I found many dojos in this neighbourhood which I was not aware like a dojo in Palo Alto and Oyama dojo in San Jose. I have been living in this region over 20 years and thought I knew (or at least heard of) all the dojos around here but I was wrong. Also, I saw a picture of Mr. Omi. I trained with him about 20 years ago (late 80's) but lost contact with him. He looks the same and I am glad that he is still active in karate world. 

Thank you again for sharing this book and your experience. If you visit California you are invited to train with us at our dojo in San Jose.


Kousaku Yokota - Asai Shotokan (California, USA) 10 May 2009 02:04 AM

Dear Hoosain,

I'm half way thru the book and man, it's great reading!

I remember how I daily followed up on yr adventures when u were travelling in the US - couldn't wait to get home each day to read up on the Sabaki digest.

Now it's all here in book form, plus the comments of fellow martial artists you visited. It's presented in a good format, plus the pix (too bad in B&W - but maybe that way it's more nostalgic) and the Ashihara moves at the back.

Great stuff, Hoosain! You have cemented the friendships you made on the journey for posterity in this publication. Some parts are pretty moving, I must say.

Will there be My Karate Odyssey, Part 2? How about a video for part 2, with home-style editing and production? Something to think about, eh?


Keng H. Ee - (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 30 May 2009 08:38 AM


Osu Shihan,

Thank you very much for the book and the DVD gift. It was unexpected and once more you have in a very simply way shown your greatness and one can only say may Allah increase you bountifully.

The book - I must say that you have outdone yourself. It is of a very good quality and the cover is very refreshing. So far, I scanned through it and it promises to be a good read and probably will be a must read for any serious karateka dreaming big and looking for inspiration.

By just looking at it - I can understand the stance taken by others - jealousy is all over and will always be there. There are those who will not acknowledge the greatness of others. I however, unreservedly admit that you have made your mark not just in the South African karate fraternity but you have as well succeeded even beyond our borders which is a reason to celebrate for any South African karateka.

I watched the blue belt DVD - it looks very good and highly informative for the discerning person. Its well done and the techniques are clearly demonstrated - making it very easy to follow.


Tshepo Maaga - Doshinkai Karate (Pretoria, South Africa) 05 June 2009 13:28


Salaam Hoosain,

Your book has been a joy to read thus far. Im starting to read the part where you go on your trip with your friend.... Im by the part where it was your bday/when you came second in your tournament while having the flu... Yeiks for the glass in your hand.

I must say that reading this book has giving me the determination to get my priorities in order. Started gymming, actually took a jog yesterday at Sea Point. Also started with my studying. I suppose sometimes we just need to find motivation /mentorship in other people’s lives in order to change our mindset/refocus our priorities.

A. Omer - (Sea Point, South Africa)   24 June 2009 14:54



I have already started digging into the first chapter, I must say the only thing that kept me from finishing the book was sleepiness.

Luvuyo Sume - Kyokushin Kan (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) 29 June 2009 10:50


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