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My Karate Odyssey NOW AVAILABLE read more ...

Hi Hoosain,

I just came from Germany. Spend the time in planes reading your book. I have to admit - Its Great! Brilliant! Also great idea to put those e-mails in between your stories. You have to make the same kind of trip in Europe. Karate Odyssey part 2 - Europe!

Jarmo Österman - Fight Sport Magazine (Helsinki, Finland) 25 Sept 2008 04:37

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I finished the book on Thursday last week and reread some of the previous chapters just to make sure I picked up all the details of your encounters with the people profiled at the end of the book. It's well written and you have managed to drag me along on your journey.  I found it fascinating and an excellent read, but I must admit, after reading the last page, I got the sense that something is missing.

And after giving it some thought I realised it's the follow up!

Shamiel Shira - Melloware (Grassy Park, South Africa) 03 November 2008 11:49 AM

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My feedback is that you are an amazing (ly) dedicated person!

The Quote you said  "I have always thrived on pressure and this time was no exception,"  is obviously no overstatement as is the quote "Your determination in whatever you tackle will to a large degree be the deciding factor in your success."  It is very evident that YOU are the factor in your success.

In short this book is fascinating ... not just for the travels through the USA but in fact for the WHOLE journey ....

Bruce Miller - Quan Li K’an (Minnesota, USA) 03 December 2008 06:52 PM

line.gif - Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

"Sensei, I think success for the book will come as you have walked a challenging road and endured the test of time in the Martial Arts. Your sincerity, devotion, passion and love for the ART has been indestructible like a diamond, your book is a reflection of that.

Brett Mario Correia - Kenpo Karate (Milnerton, South Africa) 07 Dec 2008 07:47 AM


"When I enrolled my sons at your dojo. I never thought that karate will become such an important part of their lives. Reading your book, I understand your absolute commitment to karate and I am honoured that my sons are taught by you.

Rukaya Dien - Market Toyota (Lotus River, South Africa) 15 December 2008 09:27 PM


I just finished your book. Good lay out and extremely detailed – you must have kept copious notes including emotional data at all times. Enjoyed your historical background info too as you helped your readers understand the magnitude of your experiences. Are you planning on doing the same for your trips on the other continents too?

Zaahir Hendricks - Chiropractor (Geneva, Illinois, USA) 17 December 2008 12:05 AM


Your book is absolutely brilliant. And that’s all I can say ...

Donnie Marx - Shinken Do Karate (Kelvin, Johannesburg, South Africa)  17 December 2008  09.45pm


Hi Hoosain, Must congratulate you on a very successful launch. Thanks for the beautiful message and I am enjoying reading your book, makes me want to pack up and just take whatever monies I have and do what you did but not the training part. Wish you every success with the sales of your book knowing that it wil inspire many out there that reads it.

Wendy Jansen - Market Toyota (Cape Town, South Africa)    Dec 17 10:19pm


Salaams Hoosain

Congratulations to the launch of your new book! And well done with the great review too! Definitely something to be proud of. I wish you all the best in the sales of your book, Insha-Allah.

Khalil Gangraker  - Pickers Meat Hyper (Grassy Park, South Africa)  17 December 2008 07:03 PM



Well done on your book launch.  Very proud of you and your accomplishments. Your daughter is to cute. Read your book and was quite inspired. Thanks for the invite once again.  Nasser Bhai enjoyed himself as well.

Salaam to all.  Keep in touch.

Eshaam Mohidien Nadker (Ottery, South Africa)  18 December 2008 10:57 AM


Osu, Hi Kaicho

Wow, your book looks great. I'm very much enjoying reading it, to tell the truth I'm having trouble putting it down. Thank you very much for sending it to me. It’s great to have something on Ashihara karate, its been a long time since something on the topic has come out. Thank u very much Kaicho Hoosain Narker. Osu from Mark Cousins and the Australian dojo.

Mark Cousins - Ashihara Karate (Geelong, Australia) 18 December 2008 02:11 AM


Salaam Senpai

I started reading your book and I’m now probably only on page 20. I can hear your voice telling the story as I turn each page. You have captured me with the story of your efforts and what you had to endure to learn and teach karate.

Sulaiman Jacobs - Ashihara Karate (Retreat, South Africa) 18 December 2008  4.58pm


Dear Hoosainji,

Don't know how to write?

Was waiting for a important mail. Was surprised when opened the mail box. The brown envelope, upside down in the box. Immediately a bolt of lightning went through nerves to the soul. This must be Hoosainji's book.

Ran in. Left all the work. Started opening the package ritualistically like a holy book. This is a very auspicious package for me.

Browsed through the entire book. Was happy and Sad, Yin and Yang. It was like I was sitting on the time machine and went back in time. Sweet reminiscences of the time spent with you. Dying since then to meet you but never happened. Despite my best efforts. God has planned all the entries and exits. God-willing we will see each other very soon.

Was really excited after ages to quickly read the Odyssey. Was more scintillating than "The Odessa File!". The details about me and my family were so honest. The pictures even I never saw before and was so . . . ..don't have words. . .decade has passed in a flash. Hersheeta at the North Pole. . . Life was so fun than today's recession and busy-ness ! This was the time when you were with us. Yes, can't control the tears (since I am over sensitive). BUT CAN ONLY SAY- "HOOSAINJI, WE MISS YOU".

In today's World you and I have transcended all the religions and dogma with the bridge of true friendship and Ashihara Karate. I am remembering : "Yaar Salamat to Sohbat Baaki". My friend be well wherever you are. Inshallah will meet you someday.

Can't write much. I am in that mood which can not be put into words. So, I will enjoy this mood. Will take the book with me wherever I go. GOOD JOB MY MISSIONARY FRIEND.

Sunit K. Gupta - Ashihara Karate (Pomona, Calif, USA) 19 December 2008 12:24 AM


It honours me to receive such a great book and journal. Hoosain Narker Shinshii, this is a truly outstanding book. Your journey around the America's, and all the great friends you made. This book should be an inspiration to all that read and buy. I suggest all to purchase this fine history piece of Hoosain Shinshii travels.

My wife was truly surprised to see her name placed in journal as well. Yes as stated, Haruko is the back bone to my karate practice. You have Honoured my wife and I let alone my seito and friends. You had inspired myself for my bike journey in 2000. Thank you very Much again, and what a Honour to be in your Book. Rei, rei, and Rei.

I will be telling my seito and friends to purchase your fine book.

Charles Garrett - Matsumura Shorin Ryu (Sacramento, Calif, USA) Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:06 pm (PST)


Thank you for the book "My Karate Odyssey". The book is very pretty and interesting.

Dariusz Winiarski - Ashihara Karate (Darlowo, Poland) 19 December 2008 05:24 PM


The postman brought my copies of the book on Friday.


What a book. I'm going to take some time and try to contact old friends like Reed and Myra Noss, Todd Newton, Alan Best and all the other folks who attended the joint training sessions with you to make sure they know about the availability of this fine travelogue.

Good work Hoosain.

Between you and Gary Gabelhouse, I'm inspired to start writing again. I went and found an old hard drive and hooked it up to my computer so I could move the drafts of some stories I was working on to my new machine.

Thanks to you I'm going back to work on finishing my novels.

Hank Prohm - Shito Ryu (Salem, Oregon, USA) Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:32 am ((PST)


Salaams Hoosain,

I have just completed my first read of your book. I must say that it felt as if I was on the journey with you as I have been a member of the cyberdojo from the early days as well and most of the people you mention are familiar to me as well (albeit never having spoken or met them).  You have a unique way of describing your meeting with people, and it made me feel as if I was meeting them as well. I would highly recommend your book as I believe it to be travelogue that could assist anybody travelling anywhere on any business.  Well done and well said!!!

Buddy Govender - Jundokan Goju Ryu (Durban, South Africa) 21 December 2008 02:24 PM


I have just finished reading Chapter One. Well written, I thought. A good combination of bio, history and storytelling. The one change I would have made is to distribute the photos throughout the chapters at the appropriate places in the text. I would like to know what motivated the decision to have them over several consecutive pages- was it cost?

Anyway, still was interesting to read so I can imagine how a foreigner (American) or young person who did not experience those days would read this section.


Billy Balie - Kenwakai Goju Ryu (Alicedale, South Africa) 22 December 2008 05:19 PM


Hoosain,  Received your book today! Excellent work, I'm very impressed. If, or when, you decide to return to the USA, you & your family are invited to reside with my family as long as you like.

William LeCompte - Shorin Ryu (Montana, USA) 24 December 2008 05:03 AM


Just got the book today! I'm excited to read it. Did a quick perusal, and it should be a fun read.  Thanks so much.  Continued success in the New Year!

Meli Kalikimaka

Eddy Schumacher - Seidokan Karate (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) 24 December 2008 05:33 AM



Finished your book this morning and found it to be a very interesting read. Shukran

Shanaaz Agherdien’s (Ilyaas’ s Mom) - Physiotherapist (Grassy Park, South Africa) 25 December 2008 02.21pm


I really like how you did the book. I have been reading it and I will put more information on the online store about the book. I really Like it, Good job. I value the book and will put it in my collection as I have quite a large collection of Kyokushin and martial arts books. I have shown some of my students the book and they love it. I will be telling and showing more people in the AKKO also.

This book is done very well and the thing I like the best about it is that Hoosain Narker could have made himself and all the other better than they were as well as himself, I know what he wrote about our brief time together was actual fact. Anyone that knows me, lying is as bad as stealing and I would tell you if I thought he was.

Narker sure went through hardships during his travels, But I give him credit, he met a lot of great people and he was a straight up guy. He showed a lot of heart going from Dojo to Dojo and was welcomed all over. He had a great attitude when he visited our Dojo. The only regret is that we did not get to do more than just show katas and techniques. Maybe in the future. OSU!

Fred Buck  - US Kyokushin Karate (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)  27 December 2008 08:24 PM


Hello Hoosain,

Yes, I have received it but due to holiday activities with my family and friends I haven't been able to read all the way through it yet. I have read some parts out loud in my classes to my students and they have become all excited about their own journey in karate now :-)

It is well put together and I love reading everyone's thoughts and such  ...  yours mingled in with theirs :-)

Illona McKinzie  - Positive Karate (Hesperia, California, USA)  29 December 2008 07:07 PM

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